Certified Business Economist

The Certification in Applied Economics and Data Analytics

The CBE program was designed by leading economists to bridge the gap between what is learned in an academic setting and the knowledge needed to succeed as a practitioner.

NABE is the premier source for high-quality continuing education in the field of economics, offering a portfolio of courses with an emphasis on practice over theory. Through the Certified Business Economist (CBE) program, NABE expands and formalizes this content as a unified, comprehensive body of knowledge. The CBE designation is earned by demonstrating a mastery of this body of knowledge.

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How do I become a CBE?

Candidates must meet the following requirements*: 

  • Examination.  Candidates must pass a comprehensive practical examination. 
  • Member. Be a member in good standing with NABE. 
  • Experience.  Candidates must have two years of work experience in applied business economics or in a related field. 
  • Education.  Candidates must attain  at least a four-year degree.
  • Curriculum Requirements.  Candidates must complete NABE’s Communication and Presentation Skills for Business Economists and Writing Skills for Business Economists certificate courses or courses deemed equivalent by NABE.
  • Ethics.  Candidates must review and adhere to the NABE Professional Conduct Guideline.
  • Continuing Education/Renewal.  Designees may renew their CBE by completing 30 hours of continuing education every two years and paying a renewal fee.


The Examination

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Today’s business economists and analysts are expected to master a wide array of disciplines. The CBE examination is based on an advanced body of knowledge, developed and reviewed by leading business economists to ensure that it reflects the most relevant information and core competencies demanded by today’s top employers. The CBE examination is developed and administered by NABE. 

The CBE Exam is designed to be a comprehensive multiple-choice assessment, testing a candidate’s practical and applied knowledge in the following areas:

  • Applied Econometrics
  • Business Applications of Statistics and Data Analytics
  • Economic Measurement
  • Economics of Strategy and Managerial Decision Making
  • Foundations of Macroeconomics/Microeconomics  

Candidates may choose a path of self study or enroll in NABE’s courses if guided learning is preferred. Detailed content outlines will be posted for each subject area and sample test questions will be available. More information

Scholarships Available for CBE Courses

The NABE Foundation, the charitable arm of NABE, is pleased to announce that scholarships will be offered for courses and exam offerings through the Certified Business Economist (CBE) program in 2018. Scholarship winners may receive up to $1,500 to be used on CBE Courses and/or the CBE Exam (see course calendar).

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Certified Business Economists
Jennifer Adams, CBE

Craig R. Alexander, CBE
Suchit Arora, CBE
Jorge D. Baide Hernandez, CBE
Manuel Balmaseda, CBE
Thomas Beers, CBE
David W. Berson, CBE
Bret Bertolin, CBE
Paul C. Bishop, CBE
Larry Boyer, CBE
Paul H. Brewbaker, CBE
Richard A. Brown, CBE
Ford Brown, CBE
Sam Bullard, CBE
Matthew Bush, CBE
Oral Capps, CBE
Joseph D. Cardinale, CBE
Dennis Carlson, CBE
Pat Casey, CBE
Chris G. Christopher, CBE
Steven G. Cochrane, CBE
Erica Comp, CBE
Scholastica (Gay) D. Cororaton, CBE
David Crowe, CBE
Amy Crews Cutts, CBE
Richard J. DeKaser, CBE
Jim Diffley, CBE
Cait Dourney, CBE
Michael J. Drury, CBE
Douglas Duncan, CBE
William C. Dunkelberg, CBE
Lisa Emsbo-Mattingly, CBE
Kemm Farney, CBE
Susan Fickling-Munge, CBE
A. Nicholas Filippello, CBE
Brian Friedman, CBE
Jordan D. Frisby, CBE
Robert Fry, CBE
Stephen W. Gallagher, CBE
Edward Garnett, CBE
Timothy J. Gill, CBE
John M. Godfrey, CBE
Edward Guay, CBE
Maurine Haver, CBE
LaVaughn M. Henry, CBE
Stuart Hoffman, CBE
Harry Homan, CBE
Mike Horrigan, CBE
Gene Huang, CBE
Philip M. Hubbard, CBE
Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, CBE
Paul Hughes-Cromwick, CBE
Constance L. Hunter, CBE
Barry Huston, CBE
Jesse Jacobs, CBE
Brian Jacobsen, CBE
Sara Johnson, CBE
Lester Jones, CBE
George A. Kahn, CBE
Kenneth Kim, CBE
Karen Kirwan, CBE
Jeff S. Kissel, CBE
John Kitchen, CBE
Jack E. Kleinhenz, CBE
Kevin Kliesen, CBE
Stanley A. Kongnetiman, CBE
Jason Kunkel, CBE
Sam Kyei, CBE
Adolfo L. Laurenti, CBE
Chris Lawless, CBE
Michel Leonard, CBE
Edward Logan, CBE
Beth Burnham Mace, CBE
Stuart Mackintosh, CBE
Thomas Maher, CBE
Duncan H. Meldrum, CBE
Andrew Melnyk, CBE
Josh Mendelsohn, CBE
Ralph Monaco, CBE
Martha G. Moore, CBE
Emily Kolinski Morris, CBE
Chad Moutray, CBE
Alex Musatov, CBE
Gerald Musgrave, CBE
Kathleen M. Navin, CBE
Frank E. Nothaft, CBE
Yorgos Papatheodorou, CBE
Michael Paslawskyj, CBE
David R. Payne, CBE
Arne Pohlman, CBE
Troy Post, CBE
Sara Potter, CBE
Jason Prole, CBE
Arun Raha, CBE
Alison Lynn Reaser, CBE
Michael Redmond, CBE
Sebastian Ricketts, CBE
Richard Rippe, CBE
Jamie L. Ronson, CBE
George L. Salis, CBE
Dana Saporta, CBE
Frank Schott, CBE
Stacey Schreft, CBE
Thomas F. Siems, CBE
John Silvia, CBE
Christopher Slijk, CBE
Jed Smith, CBE
James Smith, CBE
Charles Steindel, CBE
Kathleen Stephansen, CBE
Carol Stone, CBE
William A. Strauss, CBE
Chris Swann, CBE
Thomas Kevin Swift, CBE
Diane C. Swonk, CBE
Stephen J. Taddie, CBE
Carl Tannenbaum, CBE
Ernie Tedeschi, CBE
Paul Thomas, CBE
Jesse Thompson, CBE
Troy Thompson, CBE
Luis B. Torres, CBE
Robert Trimm, CBE
Timo Tyrvainen, CBE
Chris P. Varvares, CBE
Daniel Vasquez, CBE
Mark Vitner, CBE
Tsevi G. Vovor, CBE
Cliff Waldman, CBE
Donald T. Wargo, CBE
Thomas Wash, CBE
Shirley Webster, CBE
Mark Weinstock, CBE
Jill C. Weise, CBE
Jeffrey F. Werling, CBE
Melissa Whitten, CBE
James A. Wilcox, CBE
Richard L. Wobbekind, CBE
Shaoan Yu, CBE
Mine K. Yücel, CBE
Mark Zandi, CBE
Clare Zempel, CBE

Pre-Certified Business Economists
Jacob Fischer, pCBE, The University of Cincinnati 
Megan Ann Heare, pCBE, The University of Cincinnati 
Kurt Parks, pCBE, The University of Cincinnati 
Saannidhya Rawat, pCBE, The University of Cincinnati 
Paul M. Rodriguez, pCBE, The University of Cincinnati

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