Certified Business Economist

The Certification in Applied Economics and Data Analytics

The CBE program was designed by leading economists to bridge the gap between what is learned in an academic setting and the knowledge needed to succeed as a practitioner.

NABE is the premier source for high-quality continuing education in the field of economics, offering a portfolio of courses with an emphasis on practice over theory. Through the Certified Business Economist (CBE) program, NABE expands and formalizes this content as a unified, comprehensive body of knowledge. The CBE designation is earned by demonstrating a mastery of this body of knowledge.

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CBE Careers in Economics Webinar Series

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How do I become a CBE?

Candidates must meet the following requirements*: 

  • Examination.  Candidates must pass a comprehensive practical examination. 
  • Member. Be a member in good standing with NABE. 
  • Experience.  Candidates must have two years of work experience in applied business economics or in a related field. 
  • Education.  Candidates must attain  at least a four-year degree.
  • Curriculum Requirements.  Candidates must complete NABE’s Communication and Presentation Skills for Business Economists and Writing Skills for Business Economists certificate courses or courses deemed equivalent by NABE.
  • Ethics.  Candidates must review and adhere to the NABE Professional Conduct Guideline.
  • Continuing Education/Renewal.  Designees may renew their CBE by completing 30 hours of continuing education every two years and paying a renewal fee.


The Examination

CBE Exam now offered online and at testing centers worldwide! More info and register

Today’s business economists and analysts are expected to master a wide array of disciplines. The CBE examination is based on an advanced body of knowledge, developed and reviewed by leading business economists to ensure that it reflects the most relevant information and core competencies demanded by today’s top employers. The CBE examination is developed and administered by NABE. 

The CBE Exam is designed to be a comprehensive multiple-choice assessment, testing a candidate’s practical and applied knowledge in the following areas:

  • Applied Econometrics
  • Business Applications of Statistics and Data Analytics
  • Economic Measurement
  • Economics of Strategy and Managerial Decision Making
  • Foundations of Macroeconomics/Microeconomics  

Candidates may choose a path of self study or enroll in NABE’s courses if guided learning is preferred. Detailed content outlines will be posted for each subject area and sample test questions will be available. More information

Take the CBE Practice Exam to determine if you are ready to sit for the exam right away or need more study.

Scholarships Available for CBE Courses and Exam

The NABE Foundation, the charitable arm of NABE, is pleased to announce that scholarships will be offered for courses and exam offerings through the Certified Business Economist (CBE) program in 2022. Scholarship winners may receive up to $1,700 to be used on CBE Courses and/or the CBE Exam (see course calendar).

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For more information, please contact Tara Munroe, Director of Education & Professional Development, at 202-463-6223 or [email protected].

Certified Business Economists

Jennifer Adams, CBE
Walt Disney Parks & Resorts -

Craig Alexander, CBE
Conference Board of Canada

Suchit Arora, CBE
State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio

Faisal Awwal, CBE
Southeast Toyota Finance

Jorge Baide Hernandez, CBE

Manuel Balmaseda, CBE

Thomas Beers, CBE

David Berson, CBE
Nationwide Insurance

Bret Bertolin, CBE
Economic & Rev Forecast Council

Paul Bishop, CBE

James Bohnaker, CBE
IHS Markit

Larry Boyer, CBE
IHS Markit Consulting

Paul Brewbaker, CBE
TZ Economics 

Daniel Brown, CBE
Small Business Administration - Office of Advocacy

Ford Brown, CBE
Xcel Energy

Sam Bullard, CBE
Wells Fargo Securities, LLC

Matthew Bush, CBE
Guggenheim Partners

Theodore Cangero, CBE
Albany Medical Center

Oral Capps, CBE
Texas A&M University

Joe Cardinale, CBE
Abbott Laboratories

Dennis Carlson, CBE

Patrick Casey, CBE
TTX Company

Chris Christopher, CBE
New York State Division of the Budget

Robert Clark, CBE
Pacific Western Bank

Steven Cochrane, CBE
Moody's Analytics

Erica Comp, CBE
Strategas Research Partners LLC

Scholastica Cororaton, CBE
National Association of Realtors

David Crowe, CBE
Nat'L Assn Of Home Builders

Amy Cutts, CBE
AC Cutts & Associates

Richard DeKaser, CBE
Wells Fargo

Cristian deRitis, CBE
Moody's Analytics

Dominic DeSalvo, CBE
Progressive Insurance

Andrew Dickson, CBE
Utilities Inc.

Jim Diffley, CBE
IHS Markit

Cait Dourney, CBE
Fidelity Investments

Michael Drury, CBE
McVean Trading & Investments

Douglas Duncan, CBE
Fannie Mae

William Dunkelberg, CBE

Lisa Emsbo-Mattingly, CBE
Fidelity Investments

Kemm Farney, CBE
PEPCO Holdings, Inc

Roger Ferguson, CBE

Susan Fickling-Munge, CBE
Duff & Phelps 

Jacob Fischer, CBE

Brian Friedman, CBE
GHP Investment Advisors Inc

Jordan Frisby, CBE
Port of Houston Authority

Robert Fry, CBE
Robert Fry Economics LLC

Stephen Gallagher, CBE
Societe Generale

Edward Garnett, CBE
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp

Timothy Gill, CBE
American Iron and Steel Institute

John Godfrey, CBE
Florida Economic Associates

Jenny Grimberg, CBE
Goldman Sachs

Edward Guay, CBE
Wintonbury Risk Management

Maurine Haver, CBE
Haver Analytics Inc

Megan Heare, CBE
University of Cincinnati Economics Center

LaVaughn Henry, CBE

Stuart Hoffman, CBE
PNC Financial Services Grp

Harry Homan, CBE
Fluor Corporation

Michael Horrigan, CBE
WE Upjohn Institute

Gene Huang, CBE
Abbott Laboratories

Philip Hubbard, CBE
Consensus Economics Inc

Paul Hughes-Cromwick, CBE
Altarum Institute

Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, CBE
University Of Michigan Energy Institute

Constance Hunter, CBE

Barry Huston, CBE
Social Security Administration

David F. Jackson, Jr., CBE
Tarrant County College District

Jesse Jacobs, CBE
Fort Hays State University

Brian Jacobsen, CBE
Wells Fargo Asset Management

Edward Jenkins IV, CBE

Sara Johnson, CBE
IHS Markit

Lester Jones, CBE
National Beer Wholesalers Association

George Kahn, CBE
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Kenneth Kim, CBE

Karen Kirwan, CBE
Internal Revenue Service

Jeff Kissel, CBE
Panera Bread

John Kitchen, CBE
Congressional Budget Office

Jack Kleinhenz, CBE
National Retail Federation

Kevin Kliesen, CBE
Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis

Emily Kolinski Morris, CBE
Ford Motor Company

Stanley Kongnetiman, CBE
Kongnetiman & Associates Inc.

Jason Kunkel, CBE
Ally Financial

Sam Kyei, CBE
SAK Economics, LLC

Adolfo Laurenti, CBE

Chris Lawless, CBE
BC Investment Management Corp

Michel Leonard, CBE

Austin Litvak, CBE
Boston Advisors 

Nik Lopatin, CBE
Ashland University

Beth Mace, CBE
National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry

Stuart Mackintosh, CBE
The Group of Thirty

Thomas Maher, CBE
Southern Nevada Water Authority

Yelena Maleyev, CBE
Grant Thornton

Preston May, CBE
Donaldson Capital Management

Harrison McKenny, CBE
The Morning Star Company

Duncan Meldrum, CBE
Hilltop Economics, LLC

Andrew Melnyk, CBE
American Council of Life Insurers

Joshua Mendelsohn, CBE
Mendelsohn Global Economics

Joseph Mengedoth, CBE
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Ralph Monaco, CBE

Ian Monsma, CBE
Robert D. Niehaus, Inc.

Martha Moore, CBE
American Chemistry Council

Chad Moutray, CBE
National Assn Of Manufacturers

Alex Musatov, CBE
AMG National Trust Bank

Gerald Musgrave, CBE
Economics America Inc

Kathleen Navin, CBE
Macroeconomic Advisers By IHS Markit

Frank Nothaft, CBE

Yorgos Papatheodorou, CBE

Kurt Parks, CBE

Michael Paslawskyj, CBE

David Payne, CBE

Arne Pohlman, CBE

Troy Post, CBE
North Brevard Economic Development Zone

Sara Potter, CBE
FactSet Research Systems

Jason Prole, CBE

Arun Raha, CBE

Guowang (George) Rao, CBE
State of Utah

Saannidhya Rawat, CBE
Truist Financial Corporation

Lynn Reaser, CBE

Michael Redmond, CBE
U.S. Department of the Treasury

Sebastian Ricketts, CBE
General Motors Financial

Dick Rippe, CBE
Evercore ISI

Paul Rodriguez, CBE
Fifth Third Bank

Jamie Ronson, CBE
PSP Investments

Alexander Ryan, CBE

George Salis, CBE
Vertex, Inc.

Dana Saporta, CBE
Credit Suisse

Matthew Saunders, CBE
John Burns Real Estate Consulting

Stacey Schreft, CBE
Office of Financial Research

Benjamin Shoesmith, CBE

Soo Sieber, CBE
Oakland University

Thomas Siems, CBE
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

John Silvia, CBE
Dynamic Economic Strategy

Christopher Slijk, CBE
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (INST)

Christopher D. Smith, CBE
Old Dominion Strategies

James Smith, CBE
Parsec Financial Mgmt Inc

Jed Smith, CBE

Charles Steindel, CBE
Ramapo College of NJ

Kathleen Stephansen, CBE
Boston Consulting Group Henderson Institute Center for Macroeconomics

Carol Stone, CBE
Haver Analytics

William Strauss, CBE
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Christopher Swann, CBE
Econsult Solutions, Inc.

Thomas Swift, CBE
American Chemistry Council

Diane Swonk, CBE
Grant Thornton

Stephen Taddie, CBE
Stellar Capital Management, LLC

Carl Tannenbaum, CBE
Northern Trust

Ernie Tedeschi, CBE
Evercore ISI

Paul Thomas, CBE
Economic Stories LLC

Troy Thompson, CBE
Chevron Corporation

Jesse Thompson, CBE
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas - Houston Branch

Luis Torres, CBE
Real Estate Center at Texas A&M

Robert Trimm, CBE

Timo Tyrvainen, CBE
Climate Leadership Coalition

David Vantasil, CBE

Chris Varvares, CBE
Macroeconomic Advisers By IHS Markit

Daniel Vasquez, CBE
W.D.Vasquez & Co. -

Mark Vitner, CBE
Wells Fargo

Tsevi Vovor, CBE

Albwin Wagner-Schmitzer, CBE

Cliff Waldman, CBE
New World Economics

Donald Wargo, CBE
Temple University

Thomas Wash, CBE
Confluence Investment Management

Shirley Webster, CBE
Ocean Tomo LLC

Mark Weinstock, CBE
Pace University

Jill Weise, CBE
Duff & Phelps

Jeffrey Werling, CBE
US Congressional Budget Office

Melissa Whitten, CBE
Daymark Energy Advisors

James Wilcox, CBE
University of California Berkeley

Richard Wobbekind, CBE
University of Colorado

Shaoan Yu, CBE
Fidelity Investments

Mine Yucel, CBE

Mark Zandi, CBE
Moody's Analytics

Clare Zempel, CBE
Zempel Strategic

Qian (David) Zhang, CBE 
Bank of China

Pre-Certified Business Economists

Jacob Fischer, pCBE, The University of Cincinnati 
Cassandra Gibbs, pCBE, The University of Cincinnati

Yiannis Kanellopoulos, pCBE, The University of Cincinnati
Iain Kirsch, pCBE, The University of Cincinnati
Kayla McGinnis, pCBE, The University of Cincinnati 
Kurt Parks, pCBE, The University of Cincinnati  
Evan Welch, pCBE, John Carroll University