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Revising Economic Indices Without Undermining Trust

March 13, 2018
12:00 pm ET


Tony Hughes, Managing Director, Economic Research, Moody's Analytics

Lucia S. Foster, Chief Economist and Chief, Center for Economic Studies, U.S. Census Bureau

Skylar Olsen, Senior Economist, Zillow


Issi Romem, Chief Economist, BuildZoom; NABE Data/Statistics Roundtable Co-Chair

The usefulness of an economic index is underpinned by users’ trust that it is published regularly and consistently. In order to avoid undermining this trust, revisions due to changes in the methods or data used ought to be made cautiously, infrequently, and with a mind for transparency.

The current explosion of data has greatly expanded the scope for new economic indices, especially those produced by the private sector. In an effort to gain the first-mover advantage in putting forth new indices that drive media attention, companies are often compelled to publish indices whose underlying data and methods are still in flux. The need for revising indices to incorporate better data and methods on an ongoing basis often conflicts with the need for maintaining trust.

How are companies in various positions of the economic index lifecycle handling this trade-off? How do these companies’ strategies compare to those of traditional public-sector publishers of economic indices? This one-hour webinar will dissect these questions and more.

Presentations: Foster (PDF) | Hughes (PDF) | Olsen (PDF)

BuildZoom Building Permit Data and Analysis


Past Events 


Using Big Data to Measure Labor Market Trends

June 14, 2017
12:00 pm ET


Andrew Chamberlain, Chief Economist & Senior Director, Glassdoor, Inc.
Bledi Taska, Chief Economist, Burning Glass Technologies


Kathy Bostjancic, Head of U.S. Macro Investor Services, Oxford Economics

Presentations: Chamberlain (PDF) | Taska (PDF)

Join us for this webinar taking a look at how Big Data can be used to measure labor market trends with presentations from 
Andrew Chamberlain, Chief Economist and Senior Director, Glassdoor, Inc., who will talk about Glassdoor's Local Pay Reports, and Bledi Taska, Chief Economist, Burning Glass Technologies, who will discuss how real-time labor market data can be used to measure "mismatch" unemployment across the business cycle.