The NABE Foundation Online Certificate Program in Economic Measurement

The NABE Foundation's Certificate in Economic Measurement program is designed to strengthen your knowledge of economic statistics and analytical techniques, enhancing your ability to add value in your workplace. This program is ideal for data users of all experience levels - from recent graduates seeking to complement their academic training to seasoned professionals looking to brush up.

Specifically, those who earn The NABE Foundation's Certificate in Economic Measurement will gain:

    • A comprehensive knowledge of the major measures of U.S. economic performance including employment, inflation, GDP, and home prices
    • Insight into how economic statistics are collected and compiled by Federal agencies and private sector data providers
    • A familiarity with analytical techniques employed by top practitioners to evaluate economic data

How it Works

The online Certificate in Economic Measurement program features nine video-recorded instruction modules by working economists, statisticians, and analysts from both the private sector and government agencies. After viewing the modules at your own pace, contact NABE staff to receive your certificate.

About the Program

Each of the nine modules, which run between 60 and 75 minutes, pair professionals from the federal statistical agencies, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Bureau of Economic Analysis, with prominent private sector data users. Not only will you learn how data are collected and compiled, but also how the data are utilized by leading analysts.

Course instructors for the Certificate in Economic Measurement go "behind the numbers" to help you uncover which economic statistics are truly useful for analysis. Each module provides you with the tools you need to translate the economic data into actionable results for your employer.

Certificate in Economic Measurement syllabus:

Module I: Economic Statistics
Module II: Measuring Employment (CBE core curriculum)          
Module III: GDP and National Accounts (CBE core curriculum)
Module IV: Measuring Inflation (CBE core curriculum)                
Module V: International Transactions (CBE core curriculum)         
Module VI: Corporate Profits
Module VII: Productivity (CBE core curriculum)                       
Module VIII: Financial Accounts (CBE core curriculum)              
Module IX: Seasonal Adjustment

 The Online Certificate Program in Economic Measurement is a component of the Certified Business Economist® (CBE) program, the certification in applied economics and data analytics. Modules that are part of the CBE core curriculum have been highlighted.

Ready to earn your Certificate in Economic Measurement? You can register online below or by calling 202-463-6223.

Registration Fees:
NABE Members: $450 
Non-members (includes one-year membership dues): $600 

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Please note: You must have a YouTube account to view modules. You will have access to the modules for six months after purchase of the program.

100% of the proceeds from The NABE Foundation Economic Measurement Certificate Program go to The NABE Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.