Webinar Replay: 2021 Outlook for Economics Jobs Market

Webinar Replay: Back to Normal? Outlook for the Economics Job Market in 2021
Original Broadcast: July 28, 2021


Tim Graciano, Head of Data Science and Economics, Convoy, Inc.

Justine Hastings, Vice President, HR Science, Amazon

Clara Vega, Assistant Director, Division of Research and Statistics, Federal Reserve Board

Moderator: Wilko Schulz-Mahlendorf, Director of Pricing, Economics, and Data Science, Wayfair

It is no surprise that 2020 proved to be a challenging year for the economics job market. According to the American Economic Association (AEA),  academic job listings in the US were down 52.8% from 2019. Industry and other non-academic job listings were less impacted by the pandemic, but were still down 17.7% year over year.

With a light finally appearing at the end of the tunnel of the pandemic in many nations and labor markets beginning to recover, what are the prospects for economists hitting the job market in 2021? Will there be more industry and government jobs relative to academic-track jobs, or will the pendulum swing back after 2020?  Should any candidates be advised to delay their entry into the market? What are the roles and responsibilities of new economists in various sectors? What technical skills and other tools are most desirable from the perspective of employers?

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