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This is a listing of NABE members who do consulting or offer services and products. The list is in alphabetical order by company name, or by last name of an individual. Use your browser's search feature to do a keyword search. To place a listing in the registry, please contact NABE. Though every effort has been made to accurately reproduce listings, NABE makes no guarantees thereof. The individual and/or organizations cited are responsible for the information contained in each listing. They should be contacted for further details.

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ABQ Energy Group, Ltd. is an energy asset management company that provides physical and financial portfolio management services to various natural gas and electric power industry clients. ABQ offers Commodity Operations Management, Trading Advisory, and Energy Consulting Services to independent natural gas producers, royalty holders, marketing companies, and end-users. Contact: Bryan N. Fox  [email protected] phone:713-914-0124; Scott Kominiak  [email protected]  phone: 505-341-9069, or visit our website at  .

ACACIA CONSULTING specialises in sustainable development and the European consumer economy. To meet our clients' needs we combine a thorough knowledge of the available information, appropriate economic analysis, multicultural and interdisciplinary project management skills and clear communications. Please visit our website at

ACTION ECONOMICS, LLC - Launched in 2004, Action Economics provides the highest quality real-time commentary and analysis available to professionals in the global bond and currency markets. The company produces a subscription-only website, and an array of email products, designed to provide timely and high quality analysis and trading ideas to bond and currency market professionals. The website is updated by market analysts and economists in Tokyo, Singapore, London, New York, San Francisco and, of course, Boulder, Colorado! Though the analysis is largely targeted at the trading community, many of the products are also appropriate for economists in research departments and consulting companies, as well as those with a focused interest in the financial markets. Visit for a free trial, or call 1-303-494-4228.

THE ADAMS GROUP, INC. is a regional consulting firm specializing in the economies of Colorado and the Mountain West. The president, Dr. Tucker Hart Adams, also does extensive work in Russia. Contact her at [email protected] or visit her web site

Advanced Insurance Management LLC specializes in consulting on and providing expert witness services regarding Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums, audits, rates, classifications, and other technical aspects of Workers’ Compensation insurance.  More information at  Edward J. Priz, CPCU, APA is President and Principal Consultant, and can be contacted at[email protected], or can be reached at 708-442-6010.

ALTARUM INSTITUTE is a nonprofit research and innovation institution with nearly 60 years of success in researching, developing, and deploying advanced information technology and decision support systems solutions that promote the sustainable wellbeing of society. Altarum serves government and commercial customers in the national security, healthcare, and environment sectors. Contact: Jeff Moore [email protected]

AMERICAN ECONOMICS GROUP - specializes in Litigation Economics (commercial, discrimination, personal injury), Labor Economics (ability to pay and pay/benefit comparability), Legislative Economics (economic impact analysis and revenue estimates). We are F.Y.I. Incorporated company with 7,000 employees in 34 states. Visit , Charles W. de Seve (202) 328-1545 [email protected].

ANALYTIC ECONOMICS is an economic consulting firm specializing in using statistical methods to solve a wide range of business problems. Our clients often hire us to solve unusual problems for which there are no experts or textbook solutions. Contact: Mike Kimel at [email protected] or 818-631-63779.

ANALYTIC RESOURCES, LLC - specializes in economic and financial, market and industry studies, statistical analysis and policy evaluation. Provide litigation support and expert testimony in antitrust, commercial litigation, employment cases and personal injury/wrongful death cases. See, contact us at (203) 397-8935 or e-mail: [email protected].

ANDERSON ECONOMIC GROUP LLC - offers professional consulting services: 
economics, finance, valuations, real estate, market assessments, economic and fiscal impacts analysis, regulatory and policy analysis, and litigation support. AEG's clients includes states, cities, counties, large and small corporations, and nonprofits. Contact Ilhan Geckil at [email protected] or visit us online,

APEX SERVICES is a workers compensation premium recovery firm whose sole mission is to obtain workers compensation refunds on prior workers compensation policies and reduce workers compensation premiums for employers nationwide. For more information on workers compensation recovery, please visit  Simon Feuer is President and Owner of Apex Services and can be reached at [email protected] or by phone at 516-791-3400.

APPLIED ECONOMIC INSIGHT LLC assesses local marketplaces for senior housing and healthcare real estate owners and developers. Using economics and analytics to unlock insights, we support market selection and assessment, project ROI, and redevelopment opportunities for age- or needs-based housing settings. Please visit or contact Dan Lindberg at [email protected] for more information.


BAY ANALYTICS - provides planning and strategy, competitor and market analysis, pricing, cost-minimization, and value maximization to start-up and growth-oriented businesses. We support decision-making in such industries as computing, energy, entertainment, Internet/E-commerce, manufacturing, retail, services, and telecommunications. We offer free, 48-hour problem diagnoses. Call (415-292-0694), e-mail ([email protected]), or visit us (

BAXIA GROUP - BAXIA Group is a leading San Francisco based global consulting firm that utilizes quantitative and qualitative information with the very best econometric and statistical techniques to provide clients with actionable strategic insights that positively transform business. Using our advanced analytics capability combined with a total commitment to the success of clients, we partner with clients to meet their objectives. Our unique econometric and statistical models are utilized across different industries and a variety of strategic disciplines: Optimization and ROI analysis, Market Sizing and Forecasting, Marketing mix models, Pricing models, Data Mining, Scenario and Sensitivity analysis, Simulations, Risk models, Propensity to buy models, Revenue management and Marketing/sales models are just a few of the kinds of models utilized in our analysis. For further information, visit our Email: [email protected]

BJK RESEARCH LLC - online applications and technical communications. BJK Research specializes in web site development and maintenance for economic and financial sites (including this one); freelance writing and editing in economics, business and technology; market research; and the BugBlog, a daily look at computer bugs and other things that will go wrong with your computer. Contact Bruce Kratofil at (216)228-7006, [email protected], or see

BLUE CANYON PARTNERS, INC.  Blue Canyon Partners, Inc. is a strategy consulting firm that brings new ideas and paradigms to many outstanding business-to-business firms in industries like motor vehicles, pharmaceuticals, electrical equipment, and construction.  We invite our clients to bring us their most difficult growth challenges, involving such topics as pricing, major customer relationships, global markets, and channel strategy.   Our clients include global industry leaders that have enjoyed a long and distinguished history of innovation and performance. Visit for further information about Blue Canyon Partners.

BLUE CHIP ECONOMIC INDICATORS - The premier provider of U.S. consensus economic forecasts since 1977. Each monthly issue contains annual and quarterly economic forecasts of key macroeconomic variables for this year and next. Twice annual long-range survey results in March and October issues. For more info contact Randell Moore (816-931-0131) or visit

THE BRENNER GROUP, a consulting firm offering experts for services needed in litigation, expert witness testimony, disputes, and financially troubled businesses, provides experience and education in economics, forensic accounting, auditing, management, finance, marketing, fraud and valuations. Contact Donald L. Brenner via 312.382.8918 or visit website at

BUREAU VAN DIJK - With information on over 280 million companies around the world, Bureau van Dijk has the richest, most reliable company resource for global transfer pricing analysis.. We combine our comprehensive company information with transfer pricing functionality so you can plan, set and fine-tune your policies, effectively defend against audit, and prepare TP documentation. We've created a full document management system to help taxpayers comply with documentation requirements brought on by BEPS. This system is designed to streamline data management, master file/local file preparation, and country-by-country (CbC) reporting. Visit or email [email protected] for more information or to register for a free trial.


THE CALIFORNIA ECONOMIC RESEARCH CENTER- is the premier provider of economic analysis and information for California and the Greater Los Angeles area in particular. Our economists are recognized for their expertise in the overall economy as well as industry analysis. Please visit or e-mail [email protected] for more information.

CAMILLI ECONOMICS, LLC is a New York based economic consulting firm, that provides economic consulting services to large, small and medium-sized establishments, large institutional clients, high-net worth individuals, and family offices. Kathleen Camilli is an independent economist, with more than twenty-three years experience in both the public and private sectors. Her firm, Camilli Economics, provides insight and interpretation on the workings of the US economy and financial markets.See, or read the Reality Economics blog. Phone: 917-363-3609

CANDICE CLARK - Specializing in the telecommunications industry: Interconnection negotiations, CABS billing and collection, expert witness testimony. Voice (512) 338-0000; fax (512) 338-0014. [email protected]

CETERIS provides transfer pricing and tax valuation services to the global tax community. Our world-wide network of professionals assists companies, law firms and accounting firms in developing strategies to reduce tax risks and expenses. Visit us at, or contact us at [email protected] or (847) 247-9225.

Chmura Economics & Analytic, LLC - Founded in 1998 by Dr. Christine Chmura, and headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, with regional offices in Cleveland, Ohio and Spokane, Washington, Chmura has steadily evolved to become a nationally recognized consulting firm that has consistently demonstrated its expertise in economic impact analysis, economic research, labor market studies, survey research studies, strategic planning, and technology development. Chmura serves a wide variety of clients including state and local governments, workforce development boards, economic development organizations, higher education institutions, governors and other state officials and policy-makers, non-profit organizations, and private businesses. Our professional staff includes a mix of economists, data scientists, strategists, and technical writers. Contact:  [email protected], phone 804-544-5400, extension 104, or visit our website at

CLARK ECONOMICS is an economic research and consulting firm, specializing in providing forensic economic services to the legal profession. Dr. Clark is a PhD economist and a full-time university faculty member Warner University where he teaches economics and statistics at the undergraduate and graduate level. Dr. Clark's expertise and skill set are so impressive that he has been retained by many Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Clark’s expertise includes: defamation, lost earnings, casino gambling, tourism, theme parks, auctions, real estate, divorce, estate matters, discrimination, sexual harassment, personal injury and wrongful death. For more information, visit our website: or email: [email protected]

COAST ECONOMIC CONSULTING - Provides Financial, Economic, and Statistical consulting related to litigation support and regulation in the water, energy, and telecommunications industries. Specialties include portfolio design, market power analysis, electricity and natural gas procurement, cost of capital analysis, OSS, survey design and analysis, GIS, and econometric modeling. Contact Jan Reid (831-476-5700) or email to [email protected]

COMMERCIAL MOTOR VEHICLE CONSULTING (CMVC) is focused exclusively on marketing analysis and research of the North American commercial vehicle industry.  What separates CMVC from its competitors is its narrow focus on this niche market segment, North American commercial vehicle industry, which results in superior marketing analysis and research.  CMVC’s expertise results in forward thinking analysis to help companies successfully meet challenges in a changing marketing environment, OE and aftermarket.  Clients include OEMs, OE and aftermarket component suppliers, financial institutions, leasing companies, trade organizations and trade publications.  Contact Chris Brady at (516) 869-5954, [email protected]

CONERLY CONSULTING LLC.  Bill Conerly connects the dots between the economy and business decisions. Companies have used his expertise for decisions regarding capital expenditures, inventory levels, expansion into new markets, pricing, business models and financial structure. He has the unique combination of a Ph.D. in economics from Duke University and over 30 years’ experience helping companies adapt to changing economic [email protected] , 503-785-3485.

CONSENSUS ECONOMICS INC. - founded in 1989, is the world's leading
international economic survey organization and polls more than 700 leading economists each month to obtain their forecasts and views. These surveys cover estimates for the principal macroeconomic variables in over 85 countries. For more information on the full range of survey publications, contact Steven Hubbard (Phone: +44 (0) 20 7491 3211) or visit

COVINGTON CONSULTING - is a consulting firm serving electric, water and natural gas utilities; extensive experience serving municipalities and cooperatives; specialties include rates and pricing studies, forecasting, economic analysis, energy procurement, developing strategies for dealing with the deregulation of energy markets, representing clients in state restructuring proceedings. Contact Rick Covington at (512) 331-4949 ext. 101 or send e-mail to [email protected]

CREATIVE INVESTMENT RESEARCH - We create new tools, models and ways of thinking to help investors maximize social and financial return. New technology is only part of the solution. Without new ideas, tech tools will not only fail to live up to their potential, but may give rise to entirely new problems. We create impact investing vehicles, programs, projects applications and prototypes that maximize financial and social return. We work with stakeholders and clients to co-design investment initiatives and the strategy that drives them. We conduct market, public policy and regulatory analysis. We measure impact performance. Website:

CREATIVE STRATEGIES LLC - Website Specializing in consulting, market forecasting, and economic studies for manufacturers and distributors of industrial technology products. Research specialist, Rosemary Whitney utilizes her masters in library science and experience in corporate and university libraries. Michael Whitney, President of Creative Strategies LLC, has thirty-five years of experience working in industrial technology sales.


dataZoa offers over 3 billion live and dynamically updating data series on a wide range of topics. Economics, energy, SEC Edgar filings, FFIEC data, Weather, Building Permits, and central stats offices and central bank data from around the world. Users can upload and update their own data and access data from the OECD, World Bank, UNDATA, and many other multi-country sources. Users can send dashboards, tables and charts via SMS or email and save these live updating displays to the home-screens of smartphones and tablets. There is a growing ecosystem of publishers who use dataZoa to publish data from economic regions of the USA as well as some countries who publish their data with dataZoa. To get started with dataZoa, contact Eva at (617) 494-1776 X 2265 or [email protected].

DENTON/NEELY & CO., LLC is a general management consultancy headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.  Our main focus is helping industrial companies develop strategies and commercial capabilities to accelerate top-line growth.  This involves close inspection of market dynamics, customer segments, competitive activity, and client systems for capitalizing on market developments.  Our consulting perspective is informed by decades of practical and broad international management experience in industry leaders spanning basic materials, forestry and mining, packaging, machinery and equipment, and consumer products.  Please visit our website: and contact us at [email protected]

DISTRICT ECONOMICS GROUP is a non-partisan economic consulting firm based near the US Capitol in Washington, DC, providing specialized economic analysis and insights into federal and state budget, legislative, and regulatory policymaking processes for our clients. Our principals Michael Udell and Diane Lim have several decades of combined experience working at the “ground level” as analysts and advisors to the Legislative and Executive branches. In our work we strive not only to inform our clients’ goals, strategies, and decisions but also—through our frequent interaction and collaboration with government policymaking staff—to ultimately improve the quality and effectiveness of the measurement of public policies. Find more information at and contact: [email protected], (202)408-6235 or [email protected], (202)408-6232. 

JOHN DUNHAM AND ASSOCIATES specializes in the economics of crisis and controversy. We use issue-based analyses to develop unique, credible messages and tools for our clients. These tools include talking points, white papers, impact analyses and open-architecture simulation models. We are experts at translating economic concepts into understandable messages that can be transmitted to any audience. Let our team be your team. 212.239.2105, or [email protected]


ECONOCLAST -- a capital markets service that provides business cycle analysis. Regular reports are provided and include individual client contact. Contact Mike Cosgrove at (214) 890.7877 or [email protected].

Economic Consulting Services, LLC has been a leader in providing economic, financial, and business valuation analysis in international trade, tax, and commercial litigation matters for over thirty years. ECS is a leading expert in the area of anti-dumping and other trade remedy proceedings, and ECS' transfer pricing expertise is recognized across the globe. ECS performs valuations of privately-held businesses and assets for tax and restructuring purposes and analyzes policy impacts on various industries and sectors. ECS’s commercial litigation services include expert testimony, financial and damages analyses, and forensic accounting. Contact: Kenneth Button or Kathryn Kobe at (202) 466-7720 or visit our website at

ECONOMIC CYCLE RESEARCH INSTITUTE - ECRI was established as an independent institute to preserve and advance a long tradition of business cycle research. This is in keeping with the legacy of ECRI's founder, Geoffrey H. Moore, whose mission in life was to better understand economic cycles and to share that knowledge with others. His devotion to business cycle research has left us with a deeper understanding of one of the most complex phenomenain economics. Built on that foundation, the state of the art has progressed to a point where turning points in the economy can be predicted. These advances also afford us clear insights into the tumultuous swings that the economy has experienced in recent years. And as we turn our eyes to the future, we do so knowing that we have reliable tools to gauge the risk of a new turn in the economy. ECRI has a long, real-time record of successfully forecasting turning points in growth and inflation in the U.S. and 18 major economies abroad. For further information please

THE ECONOMIC OUTLOOK GROUP, LLC offers two services. The first is our Business Intelligence Seminars, where corporate leaders are taught where to find the best forward-looking economic indicators and how to smartly analyze them. These indicators can serve as a valuable business tool for those who need to anticipate shifts in consumer and business spending, employment, interest rates, and price pressures. Our second major department is the Economic Advisory Service, where we alert clients to upcoming changes in the global economy, including high-probability geopolitical shocks. For more information, visit the Economic Outlook Group’s web site. You can also email us at [email protected], or call 609-529-1300

ECONOMY.COM, INC. is a leading independent provider of economic, financial, and industry research. Our economic research has many dimensions: country analysis; financial markets; industrial markets; and regional markets, including states, metropolitan areas, and counties. Visit us on the web at or call 1-866-275-3266.

ECONOSYSTEMS, an economics and market research firm located in Menlo Park, California, publishes the quarterly San Francisco Bay Area Economics Outlook and the eNewsletter Small and Home Business Markets.  Econosystems specializes in market research for small business planning, and information brokerage services for independent consultants. You can view regularly updated articles and subscribe to their free eNewsletter by visiting Contact Anne Ramstetter Wenzel at 1-650-233-9613 or [email protected].

ECONWRITER INTERNATIONAL, led by Caroline Beetz Fenske, PhD, provides economics writing, editing, research, and consultancy services. Caroline has a PhD in economics and a professional certificate in editing. Formerly, Caroline was a Research and Country Economist with the Inter-American Development Bank and a Senior Financial and Marketing Analyst with Hewlett Packard. EconWriter services include writing and editing of country, sector, industry, and corporate reports, conducting research and statistical analyses on economics topics, and writing policy papers/news articles. Contact:  [email protected],, tel: 508-962-0968.

ENGLER & DAVIS ECONOMICS, LLC - specializes in country risk assessment and global financial market analysis. The firm offers a dynamic emerging market evaluation system, and an independent view of global business risks and opportunities. Principals have extensive international banking experience. Contact Sheldon Engler at (415) 824-0551, [email protected].

EVANS ECONOMIC CONSULTING - specializes in business and microeconomic consulting to the financial services industry, law firms, small and medium sized businesses. Expertise in financial performance analysis, productivity analysis, market research and demographics, labor relations and compensation strategy, growth and expansion planning, and pricing strategies. Contact: Martha F. Evans (850) 309-1357, or e-mail to [email protected].


THE FINANCIAL EDUCATION COMPANY - teaches job search strategies and personal finance to a wide range of audiences. The Financial Education Company does not sell financial assets, is not linked to any financial institution, and does not provide individual financial advice. Contact: Mark Nadler at [email protected] or (419) 289-5912.

FindTheBest, LLC- is an unbiased decision search engine. We specialize in helping consumers make an informed decision based on what they want. FindTheBest's collaborative knowledge base allows you—as a consumer or company—to contribute information by providing and editing your own listings and soon post reviews and ratings. In this way, FindTheBest will quickly become a place for you to find and share information as well as add your voice to the community. Please visit our website at

FLORIDA ECONOMIC ASSOCIATES - offers economic and financial consulting services including regional economic conditions, local economic development assessments, and national economic conditions and financial markets. The principal has over 30 years experience in commerical banking, Federal Reserve, academia and the private sector. Contact John M. Godfrey, Ph.D. TEL:904-536-9809, EMAIL: [email protected].

WILLIAM FORD ASSOCIATES provides expert witness consulting on banking litigation and public speaking services on the economic outlook, Fed Policy and banking topics. Ford, a past president of the Atlanta Fed, earned M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Michigan and is a graduate of Stanford Business School's Senior Executive Program. [email protected]; 615/898-2889.

FORECASTING AND BUSINESS ANALYTICS (FABA), LLC - specializing in development of analytical and statistical modeling to enable improved forecasting and decision-making for the business community. Experienced in demand analysis, scanner data analysis, call center forecasting, data mining, food industry analysis, industrial organization (mergers and acquisitions), evaluation of commodity checkoff programs, evaluating of advertising effectiveness, financial analysis and credit/risk management. Visit Contact: Oral Capps, Jr. (979-693-0320 or 979-255-7081), email: [email protected];

FORECASTCENTER.COM – Forecasts from many sources and analysis of trends and implications. Web covers business, economy, finance, technology, markets, industries, demographics, health, labor, environment and international prospects. Custom analyses and presentations on request. Contact: Irving Leveson 732-833-0380[email protected].

FOREFRONT ECONOMICS INC provides analytic services to the energy industry including; econometric modeling, load forecasting, price and demand analysis, consumer choice modeling, and marketing segmentation and profiling. Forefront Economics is a Western Blue Chip Economic Forecast panelist and an Alliance Partner with the SAS Institute. Visit or e-mail Mark Thompson ( [email protected] ) for more information.


GLOBAL ENERGY DECISIONS provides integrated energy software, data and analytics consulting services to help clients worldwide turn their energy strategies into actionable results.  Global Energy provided independent market advisory services in more than $35 billion of energy transactions including more than 85,000 MW of generating assets.

GLOBAL INSIGHT, INC. see IHS Global Insight

GLOBALSOURCE / LATINSOURCE provides advisory services to the leading investment banks, financial institutions and companies with significant interests in emerging markets.  Our team of respected economists and political analysts are based in country, offering timely insight and analysis from their respective countries.  LatinSource provides economic research and analysis on 9 countries in Latin America and 3 countries in Central America.  GlobalSource provides similar services covering China, Russia and Turkey.  To learn more about us, please visit our website  and for free trial please go .

GLOBALWISE INC. specializes in Agricultural Economics (economic impact analysis, benchmarks, and market research), Transportation Economics and Litigation Economics (business damages, employment discrimination, and personal injury/wrongful death economic losses). We are a regional firm based in Vancouver, Washington. Contact Bruce Prenguber, President at 360-904-3015, e-mail [email protected] , and web


HAVER ANALYTICS- a leading provider of economic, financial and industry information, was founded in 1978. The firm offers several million data series on the world economy via its proprietary Data Link eXpress® (DLX) service and We are the North American Data Shop for Eurostat with over 70 million series covering EU member countries. Visit or call (212) 986-9300.

MICHAEL A. HOHMANN AND CO. (MAHCO)- Primary and secondary market research, financial analysis and profit planning, business valuation, competitive analysis and business planning. Michael Hohmann, Principal 4100 Ewing Ave. So. Minneapolis, MN 55410-1021. 612-922-1490 [email protected]

CATHERINE HOOD CONSULTING ( specializes in statistical solutions for forecasting, data mining, and time series analysis, particularly in the area of seasonal adjustment. Our focus is on statistically sound methods you can use in production, not simply a research report. We also provide training on seasonal adjustment and time series.


IHS GLOBAL INSIGHT, INC. ( ), provides economic and financial data, models, analyses and forecasts of countries, regions and industries around the globe, maintained through a common analytical framework. Consulting capabilities cover market analysis, business planning, investment strategy, risk assessment, infrastructure analysis, policy evaluation, and economic development. Our Web site, offers state of the art navigation through online content, up-to-the-minute event and data release commentary, personalized home pages and email alerts, and the most user-friendly Web data access in the market.

A. ILAN CONSULTING- Extensive experience in economic and fiscal impact analysis, regional analysis, market and industry studies, with particular emphasis in the areas of transportation, economic development, international trade, tourism, health and education. Contact Amos Ilan at (212)673-2094 or e-mail: [email protected].

INDUSTRIAL ECONOMICS, INCORPORATED (IEc) - A professional consulting firm in Cambridge MA, IEc specializes in economic analysis and litigation support in environmental enforcement cases, damage claims and liability determinations. IEc staff are qualified as expert witnesses in federal and state court in the areas of economics, and the analysis of entities financial condition. We are also experienced in identifying and managing multidisciplinary teams of experts (e.g., engineering, ecology, finance, medicine). Contact: Gail Coad at 617-354-0074, or visit:

INFORMETRICA LIMITED- a Canadian economic research and information company, provides detailed national, provincial, and industrial forecasts to governments, corporations, associations, and labour unions. It maintains an inventory of Canadian capital projects and undertakes selected consulting projects. Founded in 1972, with a staff of twenty located in Ottawa. Web site: or contact M.C. McCracken at 613-238-4831, E-Mail: [email protected]


Jerome Levy Forecasting Center LLC offers macroeconomic research and consulting services to fund managers, financial institutions, and nonfinancial firms. It is the world leader in applying the unorthodox Profits Perspective to economic analysis and forecasting. Visit  To inquire about client services, contact Douglas Williams at [email protected] or 914-666-0641.

The JOHNSON/SOUZA Group, Inc. combines traditional fundamental real estate economics-market research with fundamental-technical financial-capital market research; allowing for tracking-forecasting of economic-real estate-financial cycles and efficient portfolio construction-optimization-risk management; focusing on the institutionalization-securitization-internationalization-technologization of real estate markets and product types. Lawrence A. Souza, Johnson/Souza Group, Inc.,42 Jersey StreetSan Francisco, CA 94104. Counselor of Real Estate (CRE) (415) 713-0213 [email protected]


Kleinhenz & Associates, Inc. specializes in economic and business modeling, market research, forecasting, and policy analysis. Founded by Jack Kleinhenz, Ph.D in 1998, Kleinhenz & Associates, Inc. applies state-of-the-art analytical techniques to develop innovative, practical solutions for business problems. Our client-driven products include demographic and economic analyses, industry studies, economic impact and contribution studies, labor market studies, public policy reviews of existing and proposed programs, US and regional forecasting, strategic planning and business plan development. Kleinhenz & Associates, Inc provides reliable and impartial economic analysis for both full-scale research projects and advisory services. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, financial service providers, planners, universities, non-financial corporations, trade associations, non-profit community groups and state and local government agencies. Kleinhenz & Associates, Inc. is committed to establishing strong relationships with clients by creating value through high quality research. Contact Jack at 216 321-9522 or [email protected] . Visit

Kongnetiman & Associates Inc. provides economic analysis, market research, and diversity services to organizations working in the various industries in Canada. Established in 2002, Kongnetiman & Associates Inc. is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA.  Contact Stanley Kongnetiman at [email protected] or visit us online at


LANDMARK STRATEGIES- provides economic research and consulting to investment professionals for specialty products. It has expertise in pension products and markets as well as in national income account, flow of funds and pension data. Specialties include guaranteed and fixed income products for pension markets, savings and pension analysis. Contact

LATINSOURCE / GLOBALSOURCE provides advisory services to the leading investment banks, financial institutions and companies with significant interests in emerging markets.  Our team of respected economists and political analysts are based in country, offering timely insight and analysis from their respective countries.  LatinSource provides economic research and analysis on 9 countries in Latin America and 3 countries in Central America.  GlobalSource provides similar services covering China, Russia and Turkey.  To learn more about us, please visit our website  and for free trial please go .

LAVERY CONSULTING GROUP, L.L.C. : a global and domestic economic, financial markets, public policy and political economic research firm, with timely, insightful, and concise research reports, and specializing in client presentations to institutions, money managers, corporations, and also for diversified financial services firms serving high net-worth individuals. Jack W. Lavery, Chairman, CEO & Chief Economist, Lavery Consulting Group, L.L.C., P.O. Box 734, Spring Lake, New Jersey 07762-0734; Business phone 609-731-6226 ; e-mail: [email protected] website:

LEHRER FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC ADVISORY SERVICES - Established in 1982, we are an experienced and seasoned Economic / Valuation Consulting organization in - Economics, Banking, Corporate Finance, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Fairness Opinions and Business Valuations; Providing – Consulting Services, Advisory Opinions, Litigation Support and Feasibility Analysis; on a nationwide basis, efficiently and economically. E-Mail at - [email protected]; Visit our web site or phone (713) 972-7912; FAX (713) 964-0444.

LEVESON CONSULTING- Strategy consulting, economic, financial and business analysis and public policy since 1990. Assistance on a wide range of domestic and international issues, including industry studies, markets and competition and risk management. Concentrations include technology and information services and health and human resources. Irving Leveson previously held senior positions with Hudson Strategy Group and Hudson Institute and worked with RAND and NBER. 732-833-0380 [email protected].


MACROECONOMIC ADVISERS (MA) is an economic forecasting firm that has been in the business of forecasting on the U.S. macro economy for over 20 years. MA developed and supports the Washington University Macro Model of the United States economy, which we use as a framework for analysis. Additionally, MA issues short-term and long-term reports on the US economic outlook, sponsors quarterly outlook meetings, and prepares periodic policy analyses. Clients subscribe to our services on a yearly basis and are encouraged to talk with MA principals about the economic outlook and economic policy. Contact (314-721-4747) or visit  for more information.

MacroSavvy, LLC provides insights that matter for everyday decisions in response to big-picture trends—whether those trends are economic, demographic, or other macro-level trends. MacroSavvy™ distinguishes the important from the less important trends to help individuals make better decisions in their work life and home life. Led by Frank Badillo, Director of Research, MacroSavvy™ provides a unique capability to reconcile macro trends. The firm helps clients understand the key factors shaping household behavior nationally as well as globally—especially in retail, shopper, and CPG markets.  For more information, go to or contact[email protected] or 804.554.1984

MARKET-ECONOMICS.COM - A market and economics research company with 10-years of housing and economic and financial market analysis with extensive forecasting and modeling experience. Experience in development of mortgage credit risk models and mortgage prepayment models.  Previous clients include Deloitte & Touche, AA:/Bearing Point, and Hammer, Siler, George.  Market research experience on identifying new and emerging real estate trends and feasibilty studies.. Knowledge of minority market research and regional segmentation. Extensive public speaking to national and local groups on national and regional trends. Contact Joseph Cater, Ph.D. (410-626-1413) or [email protected] or visit .

MARKSTEIN ADVISORS - provides forecasts of the national economy and construction activity as well as analysis and research in residential and nonresidential construction, housing, real estate, financial markets, macroeconomic issues, and regional markets. Contact: Bernard Markstein at 301-588-5190 or at [email protected]

MARTA ON THE MARKETS, LLC - Marta on the Markets LLC can help you attain deliverables regarding developed market currencies, interest rates and the US economy. Founder TJ Marta’s analysis stems from years of experience as a fixed income strategist, FX strategist and trading floor economist. Contact TJ at [email protected] or (908) 317-0202.

DIMITRIY V. MASTEROV ( - I am a fractional chief economist who helps marketplaces achieve rapid and abiding growth using models and data. I advise early- and mid-stage startups on monetization, user acquisition, expansion strategy, pricing, and measurement. A “hands-on” approach, where I complement my clients’ deep knowledge of their product and users with my expertise, empowers them to make reliably better business decisions. Scientific techniques shouldn’t be the sole purview of big tech companies: they can unlock value at every stage. I aim to get your marketplace to a point where you want a full-time version of me. Please visit to schedule an introductory session.

MEDIA ECONOMICS AND FINANCE- Forecasting, Planning(Strategic, Corporate, and Financial), Pricing Decisions, Trend Analysis, Merger and Acquisition Decisions, and Consultation regarding problems in the media(including broadcast and cable), Entertainment, and consumer goods industries. Layton W. Franko, Ph.D Phone:516-9310248 and E-mail [email protected]

METROCOMPARE offers site selection, corporate relocation, economic development and other related management consulting services including labor market assessments, economic impact studies, and business incentive negotiations. MetroCompare LLC , Levine, Daniel H. (908) 322-8964 
[email protected].

Mid-Market Securities, LLC / Tranzequity Advisors – Mid-Market Securities, LLC offers broad spectrum, domestic and international, investment banking resources to private and public, middle market and selected emerging growth companies. In addition to a wide range of financial advisory services, such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Placements, Project Finance, Fairness Opinions, Joint Ventures, Strategic Relationships, Licensing and Royalty transactions, the company serves as a Placement Agent for Alternative Investment Funds. Contact: Dickinson Bransford, (415) 294-0002,

MNH Consulting - an applied research and consulting service specializing in economic analysis, workers' compensation claim losses, and litigation support.  Located in northern New Jersey, past and present clients include insurance carriers, research organizations, TPA's, self-insured businesses, legislators, and state insurance funds. MNH uses data with advanced econometric tools to solve real business problems, analyze trends, and provide expert advice. Contact Mike Helvacian at (201) 569-3062,[email protected].

Murray Financial Group, Inc. - Christopher Murray is the President of Murray Financial Group, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Frederick, Maryland. He is also the award-winning host of Your Financial Editor on WFMD 930 AM. His presentations focus on economic, geopolitical, and life events as they relate to your personal finances, including: retirement planning, asset protection and growth, and overall wealth strategies. He is frequently invited to speak in front of colleges, associations, and committees along the East Coast. Visit our, or contact our Director of Communications at:[email protected]or 301.682.9876.


RONALD NICELY- Business Forecasting Consultant - specializes in preparing analysis and forecasts to assist in planning, forecast training to understand and prepare forecasts, and serving as a consultant to assist on an ad hoc basis with your forecasting and planning needs. Working with companies in the Metalworking or Manufacturing Industries. Contact Ronald Nicely at (724)424-8138,[email protected].


MICHAEL J. O'HARA, J.D., Ph.D. provides estimates of economic damages, especially commercial damages. Dr. O'Hara focuses his research agenda on forensic economics; especially intellectual property and technology transfer from universities. He has extensive experience with the electric industry. To contact IsoVox Expert Witness Services and Dr. O'Hara, email to [email protected].

Oxford Economics brings the tools of macroeconomic analysis to bear on the problems confronting decision makers in industry, finance and government.  The Oxford Economics Global Macroeconomic Model is the most widely used global model in the world, and provides users with a tried and tested tool for constructing a forecast or undertaking scenario analysis.  The skills and experience we have accumulated in the process of developing this and other models means we can offer a flexible and intelligent external source for economic research of any kind, bespoke to your particular needs, and explained in a language appropriate to you, whether you are an in-house economist or a decision-maker with no background in economics.  Think of us as your out-sourced economics department.  Look at our off-the-shelf products on , or call us on (1) 610 995 9600.


PALLEY ECONOMICS SEMINARS is dedicated to creating and teaching highly individualized economics seminars. We work with you to design a lesson plan on any number of topics that will provide the most value to your company and your employees. Each class we teach will be clear, easy to understand, easy to apply, and rooted in the most up-to-date economic principles. Contact Paul Palley at[email protected] or see

PIONEER ANALYTICS LLC is a business consulting firm with broad expertise in business forecasting and optimization applied to financial, market and internal process outcomes. We apply well known microeconomic and management science principles to drive improved business solutions for our clients. Whether you need to better define your market potential or require process improvements which go straight to your bottom line, we can help you. Visit our website today to find out how we can effectively support your decision making requirements.

PRESTIGE ECONOMICS provides economic research, analysis, and proprietary economic indicators to public and private companies, industry groups, and central banks. Bloomberg News has recognized Prestige Economics as one of top forecasters in 46 categories for economic indicators, FX rates, energy prices, metals prices, and agricultural prices. And we have been ranked #1 in the world by Bloomberg for our forecasts in 26 categories, including oil prices, industrial metals prices, the euro, the British pound, Chinese Yuan, U.S. jobs, and more. We also perform bespoke forecasting, risk management, and strategic consulting projects. Our forecast accuracy has consistently been among the best in the world. Visit our website at, email our Chief Economist Jason Schenker at [email protected], or call us at +1 512 425 0670.



QuERi International ( consultants specialize in using quantitative data in creative ways to meet the needs of clients for fact driven analyses of difficult problems. Working with an extensive array of time series and cross-sectional data and a well-developed structured modeling approach most problems can be solved quickly and effectively. QuERI specializes in developing forecasting models and analytical tools for companies and governments. QuERI projects tend to use unique data resources and specialized modeling techniques that can quickly isolate key relationships using statistical models.


RATIONAL PERSPECTIVES – is an applied micro-economics consulting firm that provides decision support and perspectives on corporate strategy and its implementation. Our emphasis is on designing applicable metrics, learning processes and maximizing the alignment of employee and shareholder interests. We strive to help to help you develop the tools to obtain the metrics that are relevant to your firm, while addressing the inherent risk and uncertainty of measurement error that can’t be ignored. 650-276 0367, e-mail[email protected] , web .

REAL MEASURES, INC. is a survey research firm focused on providing outstanding client service to its clients. Services include online, email, mail and fax surveys and research pertaining to market segmentation and size, compensation, financial ratios, satisfaction, benchmarking and event attendee and exhibitor feedback. More than a decade of specialized experience! Contact John Burnham at [email protected] or 703-371-5210.

REID CONSULTING - Provides Financial, Economic, and Statistical consulting related to litigation support and regulation in the water, energy, and telecommunications industries. Specialties include portfolio design, market power analysis, cost of capital analysis, OSS, survey design and analysis, GIS, and econometric modeling. Contact Jan Reid (831-476-6010) or email to [email protected].

Robert D. Niehaus, Inc. (RDN) has provided high-value, data-driven economic analyses and related services to inform clients’ policy-making decisions since 1983. Located in Santa Barbara, California, RDN specializes in regional and resource economic analysis and market research for both public and private agencies and utilities. Our work is tailored to our clients’ specific needs and is designed to improve the performance of public programs and private organizations, saving money for taxpayers and consumers. Contacts: Jack Lyon, (805) 618-1356, [email protected]; Ian Monsma, (805) 618-2977, [email protected]; Website:

Rotenberg Meril Solomon Bertiger & Guttilla - Business Valuation and Litigation Support provides services including expert testimony, the valuation of closely-held companies and intangible assets, merger analysis, forensic accounting, the reconstruction of income and cash flow, and damage and lost income calculations. Contact R.J. Dragon MBA, MS at 201-487-8383 or email:[email protected]


SAGE POLICY GROUP, INC. is an economic and policy consulting firm. The company's Chairman & CEO, Anirban Basu, is trained as an economist, educator and attorney. We specialize in economic, fiscal and legislative analysis, forecasting, litigation support, workforce development and labor negotiations.

Karl E. Schulday has 35 years of distinguished executive management experience. With Lafayette Transatlantic Group we promote economic development, trade and investment between the United States and Europe, assisting in locating suitable business counterparts, establishing business contacts and export. For detailed information and contact please visit

Sourced Economics - Our mission is to build the bridge between business and economics with well-curated and applied research for strategic decision-making. We support customers ranging across supply chain, finance, and technology to tackle their most significant challenges unbiasedly, and with carefully developed models. Our offering is based on a low-fee monthly subscription and centers around a dedicated pipeline of research that is constantly evolving. Deliverables come in frequently and are highly-consumable. You can reach John Frechette, Founder, at +1 774 364 5237, by email at [email protected], or by visiting our website at

SPECIALIZED ECONOMIC SERVICES: Since 1986, providing a full range of international economic and forecasting support services tailored to the requirements of individual clients. Offering an independent view of the global financial markets. Preparation of business newsletters, reports and internal planning documents. Contact Marsha Kameron at 518-523-9751 or [email protected] or visit

STELLAR CAPITAL MANAGEMENT is an investment management firm who’s professional staff averages over 30 years of experience, and operational staff averages over 14 years of experience. The Firm combines economic and industry analysis with securities research to determine firm-wide allocation and security selection objectives to create custom managed portfolios of stocks and bonds. Contact: Stephen J. Taddie, 602-778-0307, or [email protected], or visit the website at .

STONE & McCARTHY RESEARCH ASSOCIATES- (SMRA) is an independent research firm providing real-time economic and financial market research over the Bloomberg and the Internet to institutional investors in 52 countries. SMRA integrates a proprietary data base with the technological advancements of the Bloomberg and the Internet to provide interactive, state-of-the-art research. Please visit, or call 609/683-5490.


Thompson Consulting and Analytics, LLC is an economic consulting firm that operates with client success in mind. We are experienced at performing economic impact analysis, econometric forecasts, and site location analysis. In addition, we offer market feasibility studies, white papers/industry analysis, and other economic consulting services. Our extensive background in Regional Economics and commercial real estate research has provided our clients with valuable results and actionable insights. Visit us at or email us at [email protected].



VALUE ECONOMICS, LLC – Provides expert economic testimony and consulting in regulatory and civil litigation proceedings. Litigation support services include assistance in cross-examining opposing witnesses; analysis of opposing studies; and management of discovery process. Other services include estimation of economic damages in wrongful death, personal injury and wrongful termination cases. Web site:

DAN VAN DYKE - Dan Van Dyke provides consulting services to financial institutions, and to consulting firms whose clients are financial institutions in the areas of macroeconomics, regional economics, applied econometrics, banking including regulatory and credit matters, and both commercial and residential real estate. Dan also specializes in CRE stress-testing for the CCAR-DFAST process, and has developed a credit risk indicator for a major commercial bank. Dan's decades-long experience in commercial banking and consulting to commercial banks qualifies him to advise the boards of commercial banks, especially the credit committee or risk committee. Please contact Dan at [email protected] or at 925-323-2945.



THOMAS, WARREN + ASSOCIATES is a consulting firm specializing in the quantitative analysis of policy issues. TW+A's services can be classified into 3 major areas: Economic Analysis; Education Policy Analysis; and Leisure Studies. TW+A is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona but has offices in Massachusetts and Florida and provides services to clients nation wide. TW+A's President, Dr. Gene Warren, may be contacted at 602/277-1957 or [email protected].

THE WASHINGTON ECONOMICS GROUP, INC .- Provides customized strategic services for corporate expansion such as site selection analysis, marketing strategies, economic impact studies for public advocacy and governmental relations at federal and State of Florida levels. Significant expertise in the emerging markets of Mexico and Latin America. The Group is headed by a former U.S. Undersecretary of Commerce, with over 25 years of business economics experience. Contact Marielena Villamil 305-461-3811 email:[email protected]

WILLAMETE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES - Founded in 1969, Willamette Management Associates is recognized as a premier services firm working in the areas of business valuation, economic analysis, intangible asset and intellectual property appraisal, and forensic accounting. With six offices nation-wide, please contact us at 800-962-2850 (Curtis R. Kimball, CFA, ASA, Principal;[email protected]), or visit our Web site at

WORKPLACE ECONOMICS, INC. is an economic consulting firm specializing in the analysis of labor markets, compensation and benefits, pensions, industry analysis and the impact of regulation. Our principals have special expertise in the public sector and transportation industries. Contact: Stan Wisniewski, Ph.D., J.D., at [email protected] or 202/223-9191 or visit our website

WORLD ECONOMIC ATLAS is a dynamic visual simulation of the world economy. New visual analysis software lets expert communities navigate, explore, edit, animate and share an evolving universe of nested 3D spaces representing the world economy: from international transactions through national economies, markets, industries, companies and the people and products that power them.  Beta  now available for early adopters. Contact us to learn more: