Check back often for information on the Annual Meeting program sessions.  Presentations will be posted here during and after the conference. Sessions are in alphabetical order.

Adam Smith Award Luncheon 

Banks & Slowing Recovery: The Challenges Ahead 

Dye Presentation

Tannenbaum Presentation

Whalen Presentation

Big Data: How Technology Is Transforming Business Decision Making

Evans Presentation

Moredecai Presentation

Tucker presentation 


Breakfast: "Economic Narratives and Economic Policy" 

Can Private Data Improve our Official Statistics?

Cavallo presentation 

Horrigan  Presentation  


China's Path Forward

Li Presentation

Rosen Presentation


Commodity Markets: Are Financial Markets a New Driver?

Plantier Presentation

Putnam Presentation


Consumer Spending and Finance Nexus

Elliehausen Presentation

Slok Presentation

Steindel Presentation



European Economic Update, Intersection between Finance and Real Activity

Chaney Presentation  

Balmaseda Presentation


Finance and the Good Society 

Financial Stability and Complexity 

Adrian Presentation (will not be posted; contact speaker)

Cheng Presentation

Shin Presentation 


General Session: William Dudley 

Dudley Presentation 

Housing Market Outlook: Finding a Solid Foundation

Goodman Presentation

McGill Presentation (will not be posted; contact speaker)


Lessons Learned from Two Years of Supply Chain Disruptions

Held presentation

Holzheu presentation


Luncheon: "Financial Reform: We Need Tough Love to Build the Bridge Between Wall Street and Main Street"


NABE Outlook

NBER Session: Housing Recovery? A look at Financing Fundamentals and Demographics

Glaeser Presentation

Gyourko Presentation

The New Financing Environment for Small Business

New Oil and Gas Resources and the Markets They Impact

Fu Presentation

Larson Presentation


Presentation of 2012 Edmund A. Mennis Award-Winning Papers 

Kitchen Presentation

Turner/Hughes-Cromwick Presentation

Iqbal/Vitner Presentation


Post-election Economic Policy Outlook

Specialty Credit: What Role Does it Play in Driving a Dynamic Economy and Entrepreneurship

Howe Presentation

Lawrence Presentation

Mach Presentation (will be posted shortly)

“The Road Ahead: The Graying of America and its Implications for Finance and the Economy” 

Skills Seminar I: High-Impact Economists: How to Create Value in a Complex Environment

Evans Presentation

Skills Seminar II: Applying NBER Research in a Business Economics Setting

Graham Presentation

View from the Administration

Wall St. Perspective on the Health Sector and Health Reform

Borsch Presentation

Monk Presentation

Skolnick Presentation

What You Need to Know to Get Hired –Career Outlook for Economists

Career panel presentation


Why Politicians are Wrong to be Obsessed by Outsourcing